Very long and wonderful day. Left here at 9:30 and didn’t get back until 6:00. Saw the “major sites” of Barcelona. Yesterday and today, our guide, Charo, filled us in on the political situation here. You see basic Catalonian or Spanish flags on buildings where the occupants do not want independence and a version of the Catalonian flag that besides the yellow and orange stripes has a triangle in either blue or orange with a star in it. Inspiration for this part of the flag is Cuba and its flag/revolution. On another front, bullfighting is outlawed in Catalonia. So the old bullring has been converted to a shopping mall!

Our first stop today was Casa Mila “La Pedrera,” one of the main Gaudi houses. Spent time on the roof and in its “attic” to see some of the wonders there. Figure we were at each of these stops at least 60-90 minutes. Next to Parc Montjuic on a hill overlooking the city. It’s also the site of the Olympics from 1992 with buildings from then like the stadium where the Rolling Stones just performed.

Down we went to San Pau Art Nouveau Site with its beautiful building that was once a hospital. We ate lunch right there at the 1902 Restaurant. Had to hurry since we had 2:00 tickets for the Sagrada Familia. There is no way to really describe this place. It’s immensely tall and has glorious orange windows on the west an blue ones on the east, so there is color and light throughout. Went up in a lift in one of the towers for views and then walked down 400 steps back to the bottom. After that, I spent almost an hour wandering back and forth inside taking images.

Last stop of the day was Park Guell where Gaudi designed the whole park. It’s something out of a great imagination. Wandered here and there wondering.

Back to the hotel at 6:00. Met Kathy, Carol, Teddie, and John and walked into the old city for tapas at El Pintxo and more walking and gelato and walking back to hotel. Tomorrow is a free day and the last day for all but the three of us who are staying some extra days. Meeting around 10:00 to wander around with Kathy and others.

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