Maurice (Bud) Hirsch has traveled from corporate executive to starting a successful business, teaching management accounting, serving as associate dean, writing books and articles in his academic field and in oral and written communications, to retiring and becoming a poet. All the while, he has been an avid horseman and photographer, and has been active in the arts and in his community.

Bud began writing poems in 2000 after his retirement from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) where he was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the School of Business and Professor of Accounting.  When one of his best friends and mentor, Carla Cunningham, died after fighting breast cancer for many years, he sat down and began writing poetry with her as his muse. He has five collections of poems: Stares to Other Places (2004) , Roots and Paths (2004), Taking Stock (2009),  Rails and Ties (2014), and Bodies in the Creek (2017). Along with Carol Kaplan-Lyss, he presented a concert reading called Change, the Subject, that combined poetry, phootgraphy, and music. He does regular poetry readings and his poems have placed in various poetry contests and have been published in journals.

“It’s an interesting path from corporate America to academia to retirement,” Bud says, "from healthy to encountering cancer, and from writing technical books and articles in accounting to writing poems.” Bud and his wife, Marian, were married before his senior year in college. When he graduated, he joined a large publication printer, rose to a vice presidency, and stayed with that company for ten years. He went back to school and received an M.B.A. and Ph.D. in Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis. From there, he went to SIUE where he taught for over twenty years. He is the author or coauthor of Cost Accounting: Accumulation, Analysis, and UseAdvanced Management Accounting; and Communication for Accountants: Strategies for Success as well as several journal articles and teaching cases. He was known as innovative in curriculum development and teaching/learning methods—with a heavy emphasis on writing and oral presentations.

Bud was a founder of Waterway Gas ‘n Wash, a chain of car washes based in St. Louis with units in other cities. He has also served on several corporate and advisory boards.

A photographer for most of his life, his photograhs have appeared in juried shows. He was an avid horseman, breeding, training, riding, and showing Paso Fino horses for over forty years. 

After over twenty-five years, Bud retired as a board member of The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. He is a founding board member of Art Unleashed, Inc., a community-based arts organization, and served on the City of Chesterfield’s Planning Commission and was its Chair.

Bud has received many honors including The Illinois CPA Society Outstanding Accounting Educator (1992), the Paso Fino Horse Association Hall of Fame (2004), as well as its Amateur Owner of the Year Award (1998) and its Merit of Honor Award (1986). He was named Chesterfield's 2007 Citizen of the Year, and received Chesterfield Arts' Visionary Leader of the Arts award in 2014.

Bud and Marian, his wife of over fifty five years, live in Chesterfield, Missouri.