Breakfast at about 8:30, luggage dragged to van for 10:00 departure. Took us till after 2:00 to go the 2.5 hour drive with stops for pictures of olive groves, a castle on a hill, restroom breaks. But got here. Staying at Las Casas de la Juderia, a very nice hotel, lovely rooms, not far from anything.

2:30 we left for lunch nearby at La Fragua. Great food. Had our normal two plus hour lunch and left there about 5:00 and returned to my room. At 6:30 we met in the lobby for evening/sunset walk.

The Mezquita is not far from hotel. We walked around three sides of it (fourth side we walked beside on way to hotel late). Took pictures of the arches along the sides since few people were around as compared to what we expect tomorrow. After about 45 minutes, we walked across the old Roman bridge to find a vantage point to take sunset and after-dark images of the Mezquita, bridge, and river. Were there until 9:30 and some of the group lingered to take images along the bridge. Kathy and I then went in search of ice cream which we found after seeing two shops already closed.

Only 7,200 steps, 2.6 miles today and all of them were this afternoon and evening, so not too bad. Tomorrow there is a pre-dawn shoot at 7:00 which I am going to skip. We meet our local guide at 10:00 for tour of Jewish Quarter, other areas, and ending up in the Mezquita.

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