Got up about 7:30, breakfast at 8:00. John and I went for a walk in the cool morning air. Headed uphill from hotel to plaza where we could see some sun on parts of the Alhambra. Back to hotel and headed out with group at 10:00. Walked through shopping areas and to the Granada Cathedral. We didn’t go into the area where the “Catholic Kings” (Isabella and Ferdinand) are buried since no photography was permitted. Walked around the church to the main entrance and spent about an hour inside looking and shooting images.

We wandered around the area for a good bit since we were early for our scheduled 1:30 set lunch. Did stop and get some yummy ice cream. I had the equivalent of run raisin. And we got to the restaurant in time, Las Tinajas, for a multi-course meal. All good. It was about 2:45 when we were done and we walked back to the hotel.

At 4:00, we met the van in Plaza Nuevo, which is where it had dropped us off yesterday. Drove up to the Alhambra and Generalife for a 4:30-7:30 full tour. While there, it occurred to me to clarify labels on some of the images I took here in the 80s since I have a better perspective on what they are now.

Very crowded with lots of different groups with their guides. Pretty well-oiled machinery on what groups went in when so things moved along. However, with some large groups, we fought for clear space to take pictures. I know Marian and I stayed in a parador in Granada and want to check to see if it’s the one we saw on the Alhambra grounds.

The guide, Angel, first took us through the gardens and explained the whole natural water system of the place. Next, to Palace of Generalife, to Charles V Palace, and then the original palaces from the 1200s. When we got to the part with the lion fountain, it was roped off so you could only see it from the surrounding colonnades. I remember there we far fewer people there the last time and no barriers. Having the old images scanned, I could relate to them in my head as we toured the palaces.

7:45 we got back into the van and were taken to the plaza to walk to our hotel. After a few minutes, most of the group got tripods and their gear and went to where John and I had been this AM to take twilight and after-dark pictures of the Alhambra from below.  John and I asked a young woman at the front desk where to get good tapas. She said if we liked fish to go to Diamantes off Plaza Nuevo. We did. Had wonderful food and beer and visited with folks on either side of us at the long table where we sat. Back to hotel about 9:15 to do the normal stuff before going to bed. We leave at 10:00 tomorrow for Cordoba.

Of course, at this point, it’s still up in the air about going to Barcelona. Strabo’s Spanish tour company in Barcelona is appraising the situation and will advise us shortly. Gotta be soon since we’re scheduled to go there on the 12th

And, 17,700 steps, 5 miles today! Whew!

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