Set the alarm for 8:00 and slept until it buzzed. Breakfast downstairs and then we left hotel at 10:00 and had to roll and carry luggage to the van which was parked over by Hotel Inglaterra, closest it could get to us. But one of the tires on the van was low. The driver and Jose, our guide, took it to be repaired so we walked across the square and onto a shopping street where some had coffee. I wandered.

In about an hour, van returned and we climbed in for the 1.5-2 hour trip to Arcos de la Frontera. It’s a hill town and the frontier is when the Spaniards were driving the Moors out and this was on one of the dividing lines. It’s one of the “white” towns … all the buildings are white. Van could only go to the lowest level of town. Streets are very narrow and one-way. We took what we could carry, leaving our heavy suitcases for the parador’s van to come and get. It was a LONG way up steep streets to the Parador of Arcos de Frontera. Had to stop a couple of time to let my legs rest.

Very nice inn, lovely rooms, great view over the valley and of the nearby churches from rooms and the terrace. Went partway downhill and ate lunch on the street about 3:00 or so. Oh, I’m just drinking beer over here. Beer and water. Thirsty. Really have no desire to rink wine so far. When we were done, I went off on my own to find a high spot to try a 360-degree set of shots. Have not processed them as yet, so don’t know how they turned out. And I went up and down various streets and alleys and took pictures.

Got back to hotel at 5:00 just in time for a two-hour walk up and down through streets I had not taken. Was tired and cranky by the time we got back to hotel about 6:45. At 7:15 we met on the hotel’s terrace to see about sunset and/or moonrise images. Ended up that the moon rose not where my app said it would, so we didn’t see it until it was fairly high in the sky. Best view would have been from the window in my room (#19) had I known. We played around shooting sunset, post sunset, one of the churches until we finally gave up. Dinner was at 9:30 and ended about 11:00. Hey, it’s Spain and they/we eat late. But that always means a late night in my room with downloading and doing the trip log and taking a shower and shaving ……and it’s close to Midnight now and not done with computer stuff, no shower yet, no shave yet. Getting there.

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