Up again for morning shoot out the door at 7:00. Different direction than yesterday. Back at hotel around 8:30, had breakfast, and then to room until leaving at 10:00. Got to bed last night at 1:00, so had about 5 hours sleep, but doing okay.

We walked through a shopping street area and to the Metropol Parasol, a huge sculpture/building you climb up and down walkways for different views of the piece itself and of the surrounding city. Were there for over an hour. Stopped across the street for coffee and pastries. Then into the van and to the Macarena church. Gorgeous alter pieces, quite different than I’ve seen before. No large stain glass windows at all. Just interesting side chapels and alters.

We walked from there all along some of the old city walls, some of which date back to Roman times. Spent some time just walking and then back to van for ride to near the hotel, walk back to hotel around 2:30 for space to catch up in our rooms, rest, grab a bite if we want, etc.  I updated computer, wrote, read emails, and took a short walk until about 5:00.

We all left at 5:30 walking over to Hotel Inglaterra to meet the van. Then eventually ended up on other side of river down opposite the Gold Tower (a watchtower for when treasure was coming in from the Atlantic in days of yore). Walked out onto one of the bridges for images and then slow walk down the street by the river ending up at the Triana Bridge where we set up for moonrise. Long wait and by the time it had cleared the horizon, the Sun had set so we did not get sunset images although a few toward the west with post-sunset colors.

Van took us back to Inglaterra, which is as close as it can get to the hotel. Walked back and sat with some others at hotel tapas restaurant and had a satisfying steak and potatoes. To the room about 10:30. We need to be packed up and ready to leave hotel at 10:00 AM tomorrow for ride to Arcos de Frontera. Have asked about Barcelona and have been told the Spanish tour agency that works with Strabo is assessing the situation. It’s still a week away, so we shall see what Plan B is if we cannot go there.

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