Sharron and Fiona took Jeff, Donna, and me to the airport at 7:30. ANZ flight to Auckland left a bit after 9:00. No issues with the weight of our carryon luggage … it’s a big deal here. Arrived in Auckland around 10:30, got our luggage, went over to Hertz. Got a bigger car than I had reserved since we needed room for three big suitcases. Got a Garmin GPS as well and plugged in Tatati Lodge in Hahei and off we went.

Not sure how long it took, but (even with stopping for lunch) it was longer than the 2+ hours the GPS and Google Maps said. Stopped at Bugger Café as recommended by Sharron. Was fun and good. Then we went on the long and winding road out to Hahei. While the speed limit was mostly 100 km/hr., it was hard to go over 50 the whole way. Twists and turns for 30-40 miles.

Got to Tatati Lodge and into our really modern cottage. All stained pine inside. Two bedrooms and one bath, living and dining area, kitchen. After some tea, I went over to the reception area and am washing clothes so I have something to wear. With all the one-night stops, it was hard to keep up at the end.

Raining here, but quite a bit warmer. First time I’ve been outside with just two layers instead of my usual four. Weather probably won’t be great while we’re here, but good place to chill in any case.

Sat around the cottage until about 6:00 and drove up the road to Pour House for ribs and fish and chips. Nice pub place. Was raining and windy when we emerged to drive back to the motel. Early evening. Trying to stay awake so that we don’t go to bed too early.

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