Actually slept on and off until alarm at 8:00 and downstairs to the van at 9:00. Drove down to Taste Nature for breakfast – high-end natural foods. Excellent. Walked from there right next door and down into an amazing basement. You have to look up Van Brandenburg Architecture in NZ. We were with the son of the founder. He showed us the most beautiful 3D models of fantastic buildings. The prime one is in China and we could see images of it under construction. You will have to look at our images to get an idea how far out of the box their designs are. Fabulous.

Next across the street to look at the ornate ceiling of the casino and then back to motel to get our gear and head out walking. Jeff, Donna, and I walked downhill to the Railway Station. It’s a gem as my images for 2012 and now show. Spent quite a bit of time there since it was a prime thing we wanted to do.

Met up with Sharron and others there and took a van/taxi up to Olveston. This is a house (now museum) built for the Theomin family, Jewish, originally from England and Australia, importers. Their daughter, Dorothy, lived there until her death in 1966 and everything is just as she left it. We were allowed on take photos, a special concession to us. Grand old house, beautiful furnishings, art, ceramics, silverware, etc. Stayed there until about 3:00 and then walked downhill back to motel to rest until supper.

Dinner was at Two Chefs. Elegant high-class food. And Sharron had arranged with the baker at where we had breakfast for an organic pear, ginger upside down cake. It was outrageous … even had thick whipped cream to put on top. Back to motel. Load luggage tomorrow at 7:15 for 7:30 start. Will be a long driving day tomorrow given distance and two important photo stops.

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