Been a long day, and I really need to get to bed. Up at 6:30 tomorrow to leave for Doubtful Sound at 8:00.

Met Jeff and Donna in lobby at 8:00 this AM. Walked downhill to Vudu for breakfast. Nice food. Unusual.  We then walked uphill to the entrance to the gondola and took it to the top. It was about 9:30 or so and the light on The Remarkables was great and ever-changing. We walked around the viewing area for quite a while taking in what we saw. Then got some coffee at their cafĂ© and took the gondola down.

We next walked to the peninsula going into the lake called Queenstown Gardens and got more views of the city and the mountain range. Then a long, steep walk uphill to our hotel where we collapsed in the lobby until it was time to load up the van for leaving at 1:30.

We drove up beside Lake Wakatipu stopping from time to time for views and pictures. Lunch was late (3:30 or so) at the hotel in Garston. In 2012, we had stopped here, but only for a restroom break.

Back in the van, we headed to Te Anau just in time to take pictures on the lake at sunset. Dinner at hotel. During dinner, each of us talked about how we had gotten interested in photography and what are goals are. After dinner, Stewart and Jeff took two different groups of people to do critiques of a few images each. I was fading and a bit after 9:00 returned to my room to get this note out, take a shower, and get to bed.

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