2013 0809 Klaipeda, Lithuania: Got up late on purpose with 8:30 breakfast. Weather forecast had not looked promising and it was blustery while we ate. So, we left the ship around 10:00 with rain gear and an umbrella and waterproof camera … none of which we needed other than to keep warm in the stiff breeze along the water.

The ship is anchored right across from the Curonian Spit. I had wanted to go over there, but it looked too nasty and it’s 65 miles long, so would have been a walk to wherever we wanted to go. So we walked along the river into the old section of the city. It’s not as “old” as Tallinn in its buildings and architecture, but it’s nice. Peaceful. Not hordes of tourists even with our ship in port. We walked up one street and down the next. In Theatre Square, I bought a tourist size/quality piece of amber. Bought a much better one later … has insect inside. Oh, Jurassic Park here I come!

We then went in search of the synagogue which shows clearly on the map. Even found Synagogue street, with was a dead end into a fence. Not sure how one gets around to the building. Tried a couple of sides, but could not see it or a way in. So, we ventured into the big open-air market wht produce, flowers, clothes, electric and plumbing supplies, etc. It’s “the” place for local folk to shop. Saw lots and lots of different kinds of potatoes. Saw some produce we couldn’t identify and the young woman at the stall didn’t know what some stuff was in English. In some stalls, berries or mushroom were in open-top glass jars to be sold that way. And in the clothes section, there were lots of booths with bras, pants, underwear, shoes.

Walked back to the heart of the old town and the river and ate lunch there. Good food and service. Wonderful cold Lithuanian beet soup with crispy potatoes. When done, we walked back along the river to our ship. Sailing time is 3:00 from here, so we wanted to be back in plenty of time. Got back around 1:30.

Spent the afternoon relaxing in our suite. Were some waves as we left Lithuania, but it smoothed out later. 6:30 we were up at Toscana for a lovely dinner and back hone around 8:30. Late docking in Copenhagen tomorrow 10:00, so can sleep in a bit.

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