Dave, my roommate, got up at 4:30 (and didn’t disturb me at all!) and a group of them went to see the mountains reflected on Lake Matheson. They had some good and bad weather and clouds. I slept on and off and got up at 6:30 or so. Haven’t really made it past then.

Got up and worked on pix for a short bit. Then went across the street to a café for eggs on toast, my new favorite. Poached. Came back to room, talked with Robin and Mark via Facetime (had a lovely conversation last night same way with Marian).

At 10:15 the seven of us who were going on the glacier walk went over to the place where it begins. Same place Jeff and I went to seven years ago. They fitted us with boots and gave us crampons to carry up to the ice. Great guide who talked to us about the glacier, about rocks, plants, ice, water, you name it. Rodger. Very informative.

When Jeff and I were here, the glacier was actually growing, but it has receded quite a bit over the last three years. I would say that the height of the glacier at its terminus has dropped over 100 feet. When we were here last, to get to the glacier you had to climb up a trail on the mountainside. With the drop of the glacier, you walked up along the glacier and then climbed rocks and then ice steps to get to it. It’s a long walk from the car park … and the same distance coming back.

Because of ice conditions seven years ago, Jeff and I could not go onto the ice. Today it was glorious with lots of time on the ice. There had not been a lot of rain, so the ice was dirty and not a lot of reflected blue light. But some. And it was wonderful. Trip lasted from 11:00 leaving here to about 2:00 returning.

Got some green lip mussels and a long black for late lunch and went back to the room for downloading, email, writing this journal. At 5:00, we went over to the same restaurant we ate at last night. Had white bait.

At 6:30, most of us got onto the van and went over to the Lake Matheson trailhead. 40 minutes in and 40 minutes out. Hilly. Long. Tired. You go around the lake to a view point with the idea of taking pictures of the mountains reflected in the lake as well as lovely vegetation all along the way. The clouds didn’t really part over the mountains, but I got some good shots anyway. It was 9:45 (sun set at 8:50) before we were back and the van and back to the motel. And my socks are still wet from two days ago washing them.

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