October 21, 2012: It’s now been months since I signed up to go with Stewart Halperin and a group on a photo workshop to New Zealand. And now I leave five weeks from today. Obsessed would be a good descriptor of how I’ve been over the ensuing time period.

I have three nice companions who will be with me after Stewart’s part of the trip ends and we venture farther south on the South Island. I’ve had the pleasure of arranging the lodging and activities for that part of our trip and the women have been helpful and supporting.

I’m close to putting up a table somewhere to put stuff on for the trip. I’m the kind of person who usually packs only a day or so before leaving, but this trip presents other challenges for gear, clothing, accessories, etc.

So, I angst about carry-on, checked luggage, equipment. I book tickets for kayaking, dinner at a castle, the Royal Albatross Centre. It’s all wonderful.

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