A Conversation with Maurice

Review of Stares to Other Places

By Thomas Hudson on January 14, 2015

I broke the seal on what I expected to be a good but regular book of poetry. What I found was much more . Maurice Hirsch invited me into his home, his life and his heart. On the pages of "Stares", which is what I now affectionately call this book, I found a story of man that sees life through searching eyes. This book was a journey through life and I am honored to have had the chance to be a passenger in the caravan.

I thoroughly enjoyed this "conversation" with Maurice and I wish I could sit with him on those steps on page 65 stare out at the water and have a good chat about anything, everything or nothing! I am proud and pleased to own this book and look forward anxiously to reading more of Maurice's work or should I say "our next conversation."


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