A teenager tottering on six-inch heels;
a precise flight of brown pelicans directly
overhead; a wash line of pastel blouses hanging
to dry over an alley; gray lily pads on a foggy lake
at dawn; a smoldering cigarette between first and second
fingers, thumb on filter, manicured nails painted
red; six escargot in bubbling garlic butter; Anna
airborne on the high bar; two mares engaged
in mutual withers-scratching while three cowbirds dance
on the buckskin's back; giant gray-blue waves wind-whipped
by an Atlantic storm; curved contours
of white brick inside a restored lighthouse;
couples' hands in New York City; brown seaweed clinging
around pilings, water reflecting docks and buildings;
an out-of-focus basket of lemons
in an outdoor market; hands exchanging
marbled cheese for euros; the sky yellow and gold
right after sunset on the Gulf; a rusted sewer grate
surrounded by cobblestones; blackberry cobbler
right out of the oven; museum visitors facing
a Van Gogh sunflower, Renoir nude, Pollock's
One, Number 31; meticulously trimmed trees the length
of the Tuileries; a ruin mirrored
in a puddle, monument in a windshield, billboard
in a glass building;
a rare rack of lamb over Israeli couscous.

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