Every type of mishap you can imagine, from rock falls to falling off the edge to river drownings to lightning strikes, are covered in this book.
Review by Phil Lowry of Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon by Thomas M. Myers and Michael P. Ghiglieri. 

This guy jumped into the canyon,
walked onto the lodge terrace, didn't pause a second,
went right over like the rail was the final hurdle
in a slow-motion race.
          Sarah stands on the laundry cabin porch,
          looks at her hands, folds sheets and towels, frowns.
That gift shop book? Too dry.
Sure: heat stroke, lack of water, accidental falls.
What about the girl this week? Disappeared.
All they found were her shoes.
          She pulls more sheets from a canvas hamper,
          eyes the surrounding group, their steaming Starbucks cups.
Ever think of crossing the middle line,
crashing into whatever is coming the other way? Maybe
jerking the wheel on a hairpin turn, jumping into space?
          She smiles, the sun yellow on her face,
          reaches into a shirt pocket.
You know, some chocolate gives me headaches.
Not Hershey's.

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