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Aug 13 2015

Notice came on my iPhone this AM that there was a charge to one of my credit cards for a bit over $100 from “Travel Reservation USA.” Not anything I recognized. So I called the credit card company for details of the charge to see if it was legit. All they could tell me was that it was through Expedia. They had no other details, but said they’d call Expedia to find out more. Time passed and the agent told me that the wait time for their call to Expedia was over 30 minutes, so he’d call me back once he could contact them.

Later in the day, I contacted Expedia directly. I got myself in line for a call back in 30-40 minutes and indeed got one. Problem became that all the information I had was what was on my credit card site – Travel Reservation USA and the dollar amount. Of course, I had not received any confirming email from Expedia nor does the credit card site show any transaction number. The agent said she could not just look up my name without knowing was it airline, hotel, etc. Of course, I don’t know what it was since I didn’t make it. I asked for a supervisor to see if that would do any good. Had to wait on hold for over 20 minutes. Supervisor was good. He took my name and credit card information and, lo and behold, they show no such charge to my card. And he said he didn’t know who or what Travel Reservation USA was. Thus, deadend here.

So, I called credit card company again. Talked to Fraud person who told me that the transaction was through a company in Nevada and not Expedia she thought. She called the numbers they have on the charge to inquire. Of course, I had to answer the obligatory questions about whether anyone else had my card, access to it, knew my numbers, etc. Card only leaves my wallet when I take it out to charge something!

Another 20 minutes passed while I was on “hold.” So, I cruised the Internet and found Trip Advisor persons who had the same problem I have had. But a response said that Travel Reservation USA was how Expedia’s charges come through. The credit card agent came back on the line and she had gone in circles with Expedia/Travel Reservation USA and could not get an answer, just voice mail. Consequently, I had to take the “nuclear option” and cancel the card, notify those who have automatic charges to it with a new number when I get it. And wait for the fraudulent charge to be credited in a few days. 

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