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Jun 12 2014

Last Saturday we got a computer-voice call from AT&T Uverse saying we had a technician appointment to install equipment the following Monday. We hadn't scheduled anything. Didn't ask for an appointment. So I called Uverse to let them know this was a mistake. This has to do with the house we've moved from that should only have telephone service as we try to sell it.  In the course of the conversation with the representative, I found out that we were still getting billed for data and TV service even though it was supposed to be stopped at least two weeks prior. I was then put in touch with a sales rep and went through the whole story again. He assured me that they would stop the unwanted services and give me an appopriate credit on my nexgt bill. And I was told the service call had been cancelled. This series of transactions took about 45 minutes altogether.

Sunday the phone rings and the computer voice again tells me we have a service call the next day. Told to press "7" to change or cancel the appointment, I did only to be told the office was closed on Sundays.

Monday rolled around and I got a call from a service technician who has been to my house and found no one home. He wanted to reschedule. I told him the service call was a mistake on Uverse's part and we had never requested it.

On Tuesday, I tried to open my email that is on an AT&T/Yahoo server only to find out that I could not gain access either through my mail program or on the web. I called Uverse and it took a nice rep an hour to work with me and figure out that when they had stopped my data service over the weekend at the old house, they had erased all my passwords to the email accounts even though they are free and not tied to any data service.

Today a nice rep from AT&T called to find out how satisfied I was with my experiences with them. Ha! Gave her an earfull.  

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