Right now I’m in Minneapolis Delta Lounge between flights. Have about an hour before they will be boarding. Nice flight from STL although weather caused us to be 30 minutes late in landing. Originally, I had a later flight to here, but, if it had been as late as ours was, I would have been sprinting to the Amsterdam flight. Gates here are a very long way fro one another even on the same concourse. Arrived G22, leaving G4. At least three or four moving sidewalks in between. But all is well. Will board next flight at about 9:00 PM, supposed to depart at 10:00 for a 7-hour, 40-minute scheduled flight.

Flight was fine. Have to say, though, that the ANZ business class seats and food are way ahead of Delta. Rolled back from gate on time – 10:00PM.  So dinner was after 11:00. Around midnight, I lowered the seat into a bed. Probably slept under 3 hours altogether with lots of waking and adjusting my position. At 11:30AM local time, I woke up, ate part of a breakfast, and then it was time to land. Got in on time. My lot this trip is to have arrival gates and some departure gates at the end of concourses. This was true here as it was in Minneapolis. Long moving sidewalks to get into main building. Then the line to go through passport control had to be about three blocks long. Took an hour from deplaning to get through passport control. Then, of course, my next flight is at the end of another concourse. Good thing about where the gate is – no one is around way out here. Empty. And another 3 hours before we get boarded. But it’s quiet!

Bruce and Pam arrived and had a short line to get through passport control. We waited together and then got on the Transavia flight to Seville. Nice flight. I was in first row so had extra leg room. Pam and Bruce were so far back they almost were in the restroom. A nice thing aboard was a full menu of things one can buy to eat. I had a sandwich and coffee. Got into Seville on time. We didn’t realize we had to go to a special carousel to get our luggage since we had to go through EU Customs here. So, after standing where all the other luggage came in, all of us still waiting figured it out we had to get our bags elsewhere. Nice driver picked us up and drove us to the hotel, Las Casas de los Mercaderes. I’m in Room 209. After putting our stuff in our rooms, the three of us went to the hotel’s restaurant next door and the rest of our group were still there finishing dinner. We ate, it was late. Got to the room about 10:30 or so and, after a shower and shave, got to bed around midnight. Long day(s), but we’re here.



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