Said goodbye to the rest of the group as they boarded the van to go to Christchurch. We departed a bit before they did all packed into our Toyota SUV. Drove to Omarama, where we had lunch the day we were coming into Mt. Cook Village. Got a long black and savory scone and also fuel ā€“ over $85 NZD for about a little over a half tank of gas.

Drove east to Oamaru on the Pacific coast. When we were first walking through town, Pat had a crown break off. A nice lady told us where there was a dental practice and they took Pat in right away. During the half hour she was there, the other three of us went into the old town. There are interesting stone buildings all through the area. Beautiful. After picking Pat up, we went back to that area to walk and to have lunch.

From there we drove south to the Moeraki Boulders ā€“ which are a wonder of the world. You will have to see my pictures for some idea of what they are and look like. Big round boulders strewn across the beach and into the water. There is a Maori legend about them you can read about.

Got into Dunedin about 4:00 and it took us another half hour or more to go out the Otago Peninsula. Fabulous views of Dunedin and the Pacific. Larnach Castle, where we are staying, is quite a treat. Again, best to look it up for its history. And we had a long and luxurious dinner from 7:00 until after 10:00. And Iā€™m tired ā€¦ from driving, from the trip, from the wine at dinner.

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