While some got up at 5:00 to walk down to the lake for a morning shoot (which didn’t really yield much), I stayed in bed until about 7:00. Dave had gone on the shoot and on his return we went down to breakfast. $21 NZD for a basic breakfast, $28 NZD included eggs, etc. Food is expensive there altogether.

About 8:30, our driver, John, took me to Hertz where I picked up a Toyota SUV around 9:00 and drove back uphill to the hotel. Val joined me in the car and we followed the van all the way to Mt. Cook Village. Right off the bat, there was a half-hour stop at a grocery store for those who wanted snacks and/or to eat stuff in their room.

Stops along the way, of course. First at Roaring Meg … river, rapids. Then to Cromwell for a potty stop. I remember passing this way in 2005 … giant plastic fruit alongside the road. Lunch was a Omarama and we also watched some sheep and sheep dogs … they put on a show at the place where we were … we just took pix of the animals.

In the Mt. Cook region, we stopped a couple of times along Lake Pukaki to take pix of Mt. Cook, which was totally revealed … no clouds covering the peak. Into the motel (a brand-new one). Dinner nearby at a pub. Then, around 7:00, we walked up to Kea Point for a view of Mt. Cook ad Mt. Sefton in the fading light. Uphill for 45 minutes. Pant, pant Worth it. Stayed up there until well after 9:00 sunset. Cloudy, but finally got some pink/orange light on Mt. Cook summit just at sunset.

Got to bed about 10:45. Early morning tomorrow – 5:00 am departure.


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