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Sep 15 2012 I assume you know this familiar phrase from television advertising. In an earlier piece, I wrote about choosing a new credit card and my thoughts regarding rewards. So, I got a credit card that gives you two points for every dollar spent toward rewards that include refunding the cost of an airline ticket you purchased on that credit card.

Ah, but there is a catch that I didn’t know about when I got the card. If you have lots of points and then buy an airline ticket, no problem. You use the points to offset the cost. So, a ticket of $300 would need 30,000 points (which translates into $15,000 of credit card spending). Yes, it’s really like a cash rewards card, but more focused. Good so far.

Let’s take my situation. I get a new credit card. I then buy an airline ticket for a flight many months in the future. Over the next couple of months, I start to accumulate points (miles) for redemption. Now the hitch. When you go online to check your rewards, you find out that the card company only “erases” (their term) an airline ticket purchase made within 90 days. This makes it hard on a new card member like me. Obeying the rules posted on their website, I would have until the end of this month to meet the rewards requirement for the ticket I bought the end of June … or would lose the ability to “erase” it (i.e., get the rewards applied against that ticket).

I called customer care and explained that this requirement seems to be missing in all their TV advertising. While I am sure it’s somewhere in the fine print of what came with the credit card, this is a biggie given all the hoopla in the TV ads and what’s implied in them.

The customer service agent explained that the 90-day rule was dictated by how much data they could easily retain in the rewards department’s database. However, she would grant me a 90-day extension to meet my goal to redeem my June ticket cost. I would have to call in to do this, since there is no way around the website to get to special circumstances. I was assured that her notes would be in my record when I called in.

 Short-term problem solved. Longer term, I am rethinking the whole idea of rewards again. This is a glorified, but restricted, cash-back card and it has an annual fee. I will probably switch it to their regular 1.5% cash-back card (real cash, Jimmy Fallon?) and get an airline credit card to deal with flying.

Another reference on these cards:

Sep 11 2012 Eleven years ago today I was recuperating from prostate cancer surgery, still at home, still with catheter attached. It’s like when JFK was shot – we all remember, and should continue to remember, where we were and what we were doing. I was watching the “Today” show much like any other morning. First, there was the confusion about the smoke coming from the first tower. Then we saw the second airplane hitting the second tower. And, and, and from that point on down the twisting path since then over these eleven years.

About five years later, I wrote the following poem on, yes, 11/9, but reflecting:

Shadows on 11/9
three buzzards
thread the wind currents,
trace sweeping shadows
as they arc over leafless trees
south of the pasture.

On the trail today as I pass
bushes with lustrous green leaves,
cherry-red berries,
an owl’s shadow cuts across the path in front of me.
I look up,
but into the sun.

Back home,
two crows argue on the split-rail fence
outside my bedroom window.


Aug 23 2012 I’m worn out by all the blather on TV that masquerades as advertising for various candidates. How the other person is a doofus and has done all sorts of things reigns the airwaves. No matter if the truth, whatever that is, has been genetically modified to suit the video rant. It’s not what a candidate stands for. It’s what his/her opponent stands for even if that’s been distorted and out of context.

There are, to be sure, some reality being projected. The whole brouhaha around Todd Akin is one where video/audio doesn’t lie. Then there is the obfuscation by his own party pretending that they repudiate Akins’ words. Yes, parsing, they don’t like the stupid statement about raped women being able to “shut down” and not get pregnant. But about abortion even in the event of rape? About redefining what rape is? Just read that party’s platform.

But I digress. I am worn out from all this nonsense. When ads from either party come on, I mute them or change channels. I’ve been inundated all summer with the Missouri primary and now we’re into the general election. Billions are being spent to spew negative vibes into the air, to vilify, to distort. If this election (either locally or nationally) is determined by this set of crud on TV, we’re in a very sad place as a country.

We’re in an election of not what I’m for and what I will do. It’s what the other person supposedly is for and what he/she will do. Tired of it all. Tuning out.

Oh, Todd, please stay in the race. It’s about the only entertainment that’s out there.

Aug 27 2012 I want to get a refill on a prescription. Using my iPhone, I opened the Walgreens app and scanned the bar code on the pill bottle which had printed on it “3 refills until 12/2/2012” and this is only August. While the scan was accepted, a message came back telling me I would have to call a Walgreens’ pharmacist since I could not get my refill accepted online.

When I called, the pharmacist looked up the prescription and queried Medco, my insurance provider. A message came back to her that they’d have to get permission from my physician to okay the refill. So, the idea that I could get refills easily by just asking seems not to be an option. She said she’d take care of contacting my doctor and they would then let me know when the prescription was ready.

About 15 minutes later, the phone rang. It was a recorded voice from Walgreens telling me that “your prescription scheduled to be picked up at 1:45 today has been delayed. We will contact you when your prescription is ready.” Since there had been no time mentioned for any pick-up and I already knew the prescription hadn’t gone through, I wondered why I got this recorded message.

And 10 minutes later my iPhone chimed with a text message from Walgreens: “Your prescription is not yet ready for pick-up. Call xxx-xxx-xxx for details.”

Sort of like the old Saturday Night Live news report: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. Yes, my prescription is still not ready.

Jul 31 2012 Recently, a friend was hired to a position in economic development at an agency that is not part of government, but whose board is appointed by the County Executive. From what I understand, he was hired after a thorough job search by an independent company. He once held the same position years ago, but had to resign as I explain below. Over the past many years, he has been an executive at two of the area’s largest commercial real estate developers and, as far as I know, well respected by that community.

There was a public attack on him by the county’s prosecuting attorney who questioned his hiring,  asked that he be fired, and said: “the Economic Council's move was akin to the county Health Department hiring a drug addict to buy pharmaceuticals,” according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  While I believe in analogies, this is both over the top and inaccurate in my estimation.

My friend resigned within a few weeks of being hired not wanting to put the agency or the county through unneeded attention and distress. He is the only one in this parade who showed any sense of decency and courage. The newspaper quotes part of his letter of resignation: “I accepted the position believing I could make a contribution to the economic growth and community health of St. Louis County. Unfortunately, my mistakes in judgment nearly twenty years ago have now become political fodder and I fear will distract from the good work of the Economic Council.”
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