Jun 14 2017

Today, just before flyting out to New Zealand, I called Delta to attempt to make airline reservations for next Summer to go to Israel. I want to use miles, of course, which is why I called today. Here’s what I found out:

First, no reservations can be made until 331 days before a flight.

Second, if you are trying to book a round trip, you have to wait until 331 days before your RETURN flight to do so.

Third, if you, say, want to make reservations for your outbound flight 331 days before it and then return flight later, there is a $150 charge per ticket if you used miles to buy the ticket(s) or $300 charge per ticket if you used miles for an upgrade. “Change of ticket” fee, I was told.

With a very limited number of seats available where miles can be used (especially in business class), it pays to book as soon as you can. So, do I book the outbound and pay fees to change when then reserving the return? Or do I wait until 331 days before my return to try it all?

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