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Sep 22 2016

My iPhone contract with AT&T is over. I wanted to have the device unlocked so I could change carriers with the phone. It’s hard and a bit Byzantine.

Some things I learned:

  1. They used to be able to do this for you over the phone, but no longer can.
  2. While I have a login online and in my My ATT app with a specific password, you need another passcode to deal with (a) ATT online customer support (chat, telephone), and (b) trying to get the doggone thing unlocked online.

I went to the site I was told to access. I put in my name and the “new” passcode I had established with ATT in a telephone call where I jump through some hoops to verify I am me. I then input the IMEI number of the phone as required (you can find it under General, About). The site then told me my Request Number (good think I wrote it down) and said I’d get an email pretty quick that I would have to respond to within 24 hour to start the unlock process.

Time passed. Hours went by. No email. I went back online and the ATT site said that if I had not gotten an email I could put in a new request. The site then asked for the same questions as my first request, but then said that I already had a request and ATT was waiting for my response. So, chasing my tail since I kept ending up at the same place.

Tried to Chat with ATT when the site said “Chat Available” to find out in the next screen that no reps were available … out serving other customers … try later. I did. Same result. So, I called the 800 number and told the robot voice my issue was device unlock. Guess what? I was directed to the same online site I had been sparring with and “goodbye” on the phone. Called again. This time I just said “customer service” until I was connected to a human.

I gave the rep the IMEI number and my Request Number (as said above, glad I wrote it down). So, another thing I learned:

 3.  While they have an email address for me for billing and such, there was none registered for online account dealings. Nor, by the way, could I find a place to insert same on their site.

I gave her an email address. She said that she would put through my acceptance (bypassing the response to the email I never got) and I would hear from them with the rest of the process within 24-48 hours. Sure.

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